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Supply Orders



NIT for Supply of Power sprayers CPPP tender id: 2018_DARE_383911_1


NIT for supply of Power sprayers


(Last Date for Submission : 04.10.2018)


NIT for Supply of Chlorophyll meter  2018_DARE_383893_1


NIT for Supply of Chlorophyll Meter


(Last Date for Submission : 04.10.2018)


NIT for Permeameter  with accessories with 10 ring holders 2018_DARE_383305_1


NIT for Supply of Permeameter (Laboratory) with Accessories (with 10 ring holders)


(Last Date for Submission : 01.10.2018)



NIT for HOT AIR OVEN with CPPP tender id : 2018:DARE_38798_1


NIT for Supply of Hot Air Oven


(Last Date for Submission : 28.09.2018)


Tender enquiry for "Supply Microwave Digestion System" under two bid system


NIT for supply of Microwave Digestion System


(Last Date for Submission : 01.10.2018)



Deep Freezer -800C


eProcurement doc


(Last Date for Submission : 25.09.2018)



Supply of GEL Documentation System


NIT for procurement of Gel documentation system


(Last Date for Submission : 13.09.2018)



CO2 Analyzer


NIT for supply of CO2 Analyzer-1


NIT for supply of CO2 Analyzer-2


(Last Date for Submission : 18.09.2018)